My scooter starts but wont accelerate

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Try: Cycling the Key. If your car turns on but won’t start, turn on the dome light and watch it while you try to start the engine. If the light goes out, it’s a sign the battery is really weak—almost dead. To heat up the battery, terminals and starter, try the “key cycling” trick. If my scooter runs then why won't it move when I press the throttle? by Melba Beamon (Cordele Ga United States) I was going down the road on my scooter and something popped and now it will crank but won't move when I press the throttle down. Apr 25, 2017 · Hi. My scooter was working fine till 4 days ago. I was riding it and suddenly slowed down and started vibrating. Now every time a turn it on and try to accelerate it starts vibrating, I thought It was something in the front wheel but I think has something to do with the motor or battery. The 2012 Dodge Charger has 3 problems reported for engine won't turn over, won't start. Average repair cost is $960 at 112,500 miles. : Car complaints, car problems and defect ... As for my experience with scooters , they dont cost much in my country (India) to get serviced. Also, if its a 4 stroke scooter then there are chances of the choke not being there in the vehicle , some scooters dont have chokes, mine had one but I have seen without chokes. FANTASTIC!! At least the sucker will start now. If it is threatening to die when giveing gas I wonder if water got into the Tank. But if it revs up when giving gas and it does not want to scoot out I would take the CVT cover off and on the center stand give it gas and see how the belt is turning the Pulleys. Jul 16, 2012 · my scooter shuts off when turn the throttle ... Took her on a short ride,Shut her off and she wouldn't start backup.She got spark,will turn over but won't start.

Flygt pump cad drawingsMy car (1987 Mazda 323) was acting up after getting out of the shop the other day. It wouldn't accelerate and then died. We could start it on a hill, but it would die again in seconds. Then it died for good. The battery seemed to be dead, so we charged it and put it back in, nada. The next day, the mechanic came to see what was wrong. Scooter Forums. 2 Stroke Troubleshooting. 2 stroke idles all day but won't rev !! Off Topic Section. The Lobby. ... Does the bike start first or second ... Jan 26, 2019 · My starter won't start my Ford Ranger, and I push started the vehicle and drove it home. I noticed there was low current and the battery light was blinking on and off. The needles were going crazy in the dash also, but it didn't stop. I reached home safe. I want to know if it was a safe thing to do and if it could cause any other problems?

Aug 17, 2011 · my bike starts,runs,idles perfectly but will not rev! ... I run "Seafoam" in my gas and it really gets all the gunk out of the passageways. ... no diff still won't do ...

Jan 18, 2019 · The Causes Of Car Won’t Accelerate. Regular maintenance is the key to minimizing the chance of various issues. However, sometimes it becomes old enough to stay out of troubles. In fact, the high-mileage vehicles could also have this acceleration problem. So, what should you do when your car won’t accelerate? You should diagnose the symptoms ...

Dec 08, 2004 · It's a sinking feeling when your gas scooter won't start. But before you spend time, money and effort taking it into your local mechanic, review our easy scooter start troubleshooting checklist. You just might find the answer to your problem -- and be able to fix it yourself for a minimal cost.

Ebay waterpik sonic fusionYou can start your car , then turn it off wait 5 mins or so turn your car back on but dont start it yet, shift threw all your gears to make sure it goes into each one and the start your car and it should reset the check engine light. Mar 23, 2010 · Dodge ram starts fine but won't accelerate past 2000rpms? Answer. Wiki User March 23, 2010 6:27PM. Check that your Catalytic converter is not blocking the airflow. Related Questions. My Scooter has Power but it Won't Start When you buy a scooter and use it for an extended period, one of the common problems that can pop up unexpectedly is an issue with the starter. If you discover that your scooter has battery power, turn on the key and your lights turn on, but can't engage the starter, this could be one of two problems ...

Get support for the E100: Why won't my scooter start moving when standing still? from Razor. Read manuals, find replacement parts, and information on repairs now.
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  • Dec 19, 2010 · scooter wont accelerate? hello, I have a yiben 150cc scooter. it starts up and idles fine, but when i try taking off, it will only rev up to a certain point then it cuts out. not quite enough rev to get me going. it has a brand new carb on it. someone please help. im totally confused. scooter has 7093 miles on it.
  • Jul 22, 2007 · The problem: 9.9HP mercury won't accelerate. Starts great and ildes great and will even run great at low RPM, but when you try to accelerate the engine falls flat on it's face. I've had the carb. rebulit checked the fuel line and put new gas in it. No help. So I took my service manual and started following the troubleshoot steps.
  • *My other issues with this include a burnt out "control box" after ~10 miles, a faulty brake safety feature, and another faulty control box that, once the scooter was in motion, CONTINUED TO ACCELERATE even when I wasnt applying the throttle.
"Brand New", right outta the crate gy6 150 Buggy w a Keihin carb idles good, but wont take acceleration. I have taken the carb apart several times, and all jets are clear, and ustation tube is clear, passages apear clear, chemtooled it all. Won’t it get stolen? Theft is a potential problem but at night it is locked up safe and sound inside my house. When I am out somewhere I usually park in a highly visible location so it would be obvious if someone was trying to steal it. My scooter, like most, has a couple of anti-theft deterrents. May 21, 2016 · Scooter runs short distance then stops running like not getting gas , parts for this in description - Duration: 5:16. Walden's World 102,267 views Jan 23, 2010 · The bike starts fine and revs up fine and spins the wheel on the stand but as soon as I try to pull away the bike just totally bogs out and won't go above 5 mph. I have swapped all the transmission bits with my spare engine (variator, belt, whole clutch assembly) so its reasonable to assume the problem is not transmission related. Get support for the E100: Why won't my scooter start moving when standing still? from Razor. Read manuals, find replacement parts, and information on repairs now. Dec 27, 2018 · The two-cycle engine that runs your string trimmer needs three things to operate smoothly: clean fuel, air circulation and a spark. The engine won't start if any of these elements are missing, but ... My car is running really weird at start up and wont accelerate. When I get to 20 mph my car won't accelerate, it is slow and draging. Why does it hesitate when I accelerate? It almost sounds like its about to shut off but doesnt and it shakes a bit. The***** HAPPEN while I am driving and trying to increase my speed by giving more.
Problems particular to Honda scooters Maintenance and tuneup how to - Can't find an answer on this page? The general maintenance page contains step by step procedures and solutions to general scooter problems. Elite 80 exhaust pipe cracking. The header design on this pipe is somewhat poor.